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Edited: Included the covers of Famitsu and Dengeki this week. Hot.

Some quick new details from a magazine interview with Hashino Katsura.

-The MC transferred to the city as a 2nd year in the spring.

-He lives in a cafe run by an old friend of his parent’s.

-The MC has a certain problem, and if he doesn’t fight back against whatever it is, some kind of distressing future will come to be. The sequence in which he looks like a prisoner takes place in what could be called a prison of the soul. Basically a prison in his mind I guess.

-The game takes place in Shibuya and various other places in the megalopolis.

-The dungeon in the PV is not randomly generated, and the main areas in the game will consist primarily of places that would make sense for a phantom thief to infiltrate. Various gimmicks included as well. No mention of random dungeons being in, but not a confirmation that they’re 100% out either.

-Something resembling S.Links will also be in?

-MC’s main Persona is called Arsene (?). Looks like it could be a rif on the famous thief Arsene Lupin.

-Instead of the “カッ” seen in previous Persona summon sequences, it looks like it’ll be “ブチッ” instead. EDIT: for clarity, the latter is the sound used to refer to something snapping. Think someone’s patience running thin and hitting the breaking point.

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