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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night. Welcome to yet another edition of your favorite [mostly] weekly column about new Japanese game releases, otoge, and more otoge.

This week, otoge.

Yes, I know it’s been over two weeks since the last episode of Go West!. Unfortunately, the period surrounding Golden Week over here means not a whole ton of exciting releases in the following weeks. That of course leaves us with not a whole lot to talk about, hence the radio silence.

But rejoice, my children! GW! has returned, bringing with it a host of otome games and a single galge.

I can feel the excitement in your cries of joy. Fear not, I am here to satisfy you with beautiful man bodies (and a few woman bodies), slathered in oil and other random juices that happen to make people shine unnaturally.

Or maybe it’s just sweat.

It’s probably just sweat.

Playstation Vita:

  • 12-ji no Kane to Cinderella: Cinderella Series Triple Pack
  • QuinRose
  • $62.99

Odete Scarlet lived together with her father Graham after a cruel fate took her mother away from her. Years have passed, and her father has decided to finally remarry. Odete gets a new stepmother and two stepsisters, but she’s suspicious that they’re really just after Graham’s fortunes.

One day, tragedy strikes, and Odete’s father dies in an accident. The laywer looking into the case reveals that Graham had a significant amount of debt under his name, leaving Odete and her new family responsible for paying it back. Her stepmother proposes that all four of them work together to pay back the money and live comfortably, and Odete realizes that despite her suspicions, her new mother and sisters truly do look upon her as a member of their family. She decides to cooperate, and the four of them move out of their mansion and into the ghettos of the city in hopes of paying back Graham’s debt.

Will Odete and her new family find happiness? Can love bloom on the battlefield?

I made up that last bit, but I’m sure you get the point. 

Cinderella Series Triple Pack, as the name implies, includes all three entries in QuinRose’s Cinderella series for a fairly reasonably price. If you’ve always wanted to bite on a QuinRose otoge but couldn’t work up the drive to take the dive, this is probably your best opportunity. You’ll be getting more than a little bang for your buck.

  • Abunai Koi no Sousashitsu: Eternal Happiness
  • GignoSystem Japan
  • $57.99

Tsubasa Sakurai, a new officer in the police force, one day finds herself forcibly transferred to a brand new special investigations unit. Filled with the elite of the elite, Tsubasa is overwhelmed by her peers and their constant requests; they treat her like a little girl and constantly shove desk work her way. Left wondering whether or not she’ll be able to keep up with the day to day busy work, Tsubasa’s life is shaken upside down when a huge case presents itself to the special investigations unit. Together with the hotties in her department, can Tsubasa solve the case?!

Oh hey, a cop story! That’s kind of neat. I struggle to think of the last otoge synopsis I read that had the heroine playing the role of police officer. That being said, I’ve never actually heard of GignoSystem Japan. This could be their first appearance in this column if I’m not mistaken.

Any otoge fans know the company? What sort of reputation do they have?

  • Kaeru Batake de Tsukaete Natsu Chigira Sansen
  • Takuyo
  • $53.99

With the rainy season just around the corner, Fu Sagano finds herself in the broadcast room for her club activities. Keeping an eye on the ominous storm clouds in the distance, she’s coerced by the president of the club to help look for the rumored “mysteries” of the school. After running around for a bit, Fu inexplicably finds that she’s been turned into a tiny frog. Desperate and in a panic, she manages to find the culprit who turned her, and is restored to normal. However, the strange creature threatens her and the rest of her club. They must follow its orders, or face its wrath. One girl and four boys living under the same roof. Can they make it work?

This sure is an otoge.


Moving on!


Protagonist-kun has moved to a brand new town, and his parents have opted to let him live alone. His neighbors are kind, the city is warm and somehow nostalgic, and he lives close to the ocean. Things seem to be going fantastically, until a visit to the local shrine results in an awful omen: if protagonist-kun doesn’t find true love soon, he’s fated to live a life of incredible misfortune and pain. With zero experience in romance and no idea where to even begin, will protagonist-kun be able to change his fate in time?

So this package comes with both the original Lovely X Cation and its sequel, for those of you who just can’t get enough of this incredible tour de force of a visual novel premise.


That said, there are some actual game mechanics present here, like photo taking, dates, the main heroines changing their looks based on what you say to them etc. If you’re looking for a fairly vanilla experience, this might be a solid choice.

[And that’s all for this week! With May finally coming to a close, we can start to look forward to the big pre-summer releases lined up. For now, enjoy the lack of new big releases to buy, and enjoy what you already have! Catch you all next week!]

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