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This week’s Dengeki features a cover story on the new Atelier game, Atelier Sophie. Two new characters are introduced: Oscar and Monika. After Sophie makes some progress in her alchemy/gains more trust from the people around her, she gains a new outfit.

Plafta/Purafuta/the silver haired girl is actually an old book that takes the form of a young girl. You can customize her however you want using the “doll make” feature. 

Honestly, I really enjoyed the Dusk trilogy of games, but I can’t garner any sort of excitement for this. I think bringing in multiple character designers to make the cast has led to inconsistency across the designs. I also think your book/doll friend’s design is really unfitting for the series. Atelier has always had some measure of fanservice, but it’s mostly been tame/optional. This just seems woefully out of place.

Note that I’m not even against fanservice or anything like that. I just think this is tonally totally out of sync with Atelier.

I don’t know. It could still be great, but nothing I’m seeing here is particularly exciting. 

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