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This week’s Dengeki features a cover story on the new Atelier game, Atelier Sophie. Two new characters are introduced: Oscar and Monika. After Sophie makes some progress in her alchemy/gains more trust from the people around her, she gains a new outfit.

Plafta/Purafuta/the silver haired girl is actually an old book that takes the form of a young girl. You can customize her however you want using the “doll make” feature. 

Honestly, I really enjoyed the Dusk trilogy of games, but I can’t garner any sort of excitement for this. I think bringing in multiple character designers to make the cast has led to inconsistency across the designs. I also think your book/doll friend’s design is really unfitting for the series. Atelier has always had some measure of fanservice, but it’s mostly been tame/optional. This just seems woefully out of place.

Note that I’m not even against fanservice or anything like that. I just think this is tonally totally out of sync with Atelier.

I don’t know. It could still be great, but nothing I’m seeing here is particularly exciting. 


Greetings, visitors, and welcome to yet another warm and fuzzy edition of Go West!, your weekly column about Japanese import games, companies going under, and saluting those we’ve lost in battle.

After what seems like an entire month of silence, the Japanese games industry is finally releasing new titles again. This week’s list is full of niche things, but I know that’s exactly the sort of stuff you folks enjoy. I’ll be picking up a few new games myself; one particularly for streaming purposes, the other because I owe it to the developers in question to play their final game.

With that out of the way, let’s get this party started!

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Lovely Atelier Escha & Logy illustration for the upcoming Vita Plus re-release that includes an added scenario for the two leads. 

Love is in the aiiiiir.

Nothing particularly crazy here, just a new trailer for Atelier Escha & Logy Plus on the Vita.

I skipped the PS3 release, so I’m looking forward to the new episode being added in.

Atelier Shallie pages from this week’s Famitsu, courtesy of me. 

Wilbell is back, now a 24 year old witch on a journey to form contracts with spirits across the land. Is mistaken as an alchemist by Shallotte and ends up becoming her teacher. She’s in the midst of a crisis due to how young she looks.

Homura is a tiny-ass little animal dude. He’s a homunculus who hunts for treasure across the land. Homura is small, but he’s super strong and well versed in a sword style from an ancient time period. Much more skilled at speaking than the average homunculus.

Anybody else excited for this?

Atelier Rorona remake article courtesy of Dengeki Playstation. Rorona’s character model is so much nicer now.