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A nice two page Persona 4: Dancing All Night illustration from this week’s Famitsu.

What’s that? You want 12-ish minutes of off-screen Persona 4: Dancing All Night footage?

Sure. Why the hell not.

Joining you on this journey are Oshou and Migeru, both of which aren’t particularly great at the game, but hey, that’s the way things go.

I can’t wait to play this goddamn game.

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for a new Persona 4: Dancing All Night trailer.

The honor goes to Margaret of Persona 4 fame, as she busts a groove in her traditional Velvet Room wear, sharing the stage with one Yu Narukami. 

Elegance. Can you feel the elegance?

So elegant. 

Give me this game.

Another Friday, another new Persona 4: Dancing All Night trailer.

This time we have the adorable Nanako Dojima, dancing to her heart’s content. I gotta admit, I might have audibly aww’d at her and and Narukami dancing together.

Seriously though. How cute is that? REAL CUTE.

The new Persona 4: Dancing All Night coverage from this week’s Famitsu.

I apologize if the following doesn’t read 100% naturally. I just did a quick and sloppy translation.

Some details on the story:

After solving the murder mystery in Persona 4, Narukami went back home to the city, leaving his friends behind. Rise decides to start working as an idol again in the city, and asks Narukami and the rest of the crew for a favor. She wants to perform at the Kizuna Festival with her friends as her backup dancers. 

The Kizuna Festival is a big event held for idols who are looking to get back into the game.

Narukami and co. agree to her request, and begin practicing their dance moves on their own. One day, Narukami, Naoto, and Rise meet up to dance together, and try out a certain rumor they had all heard. They find themselves sucked into another world.

The Mayonaka Stage. Here, they find a world populated by Shadows. For some strange reason, fighting it out seems to have no effect on the creatures. Instead, the power of dance is the only thing capable of defeating the Shadows. By expressing oneself through dance, the shadows can be released from the Mayonaka Stage. Despite some concerns as to why this world is so different from the one they’ve experienced, Narukami and his friends reform the investigation squad in the name of solving this strange mystery. 
Dojima and Nanako also come to the city to check out the Kizuna Festival, only to find they can’t get in touch with Narukami at all. They end up bumping into Kanami, who’s freaking out over the disappearance of her teammates. The three of them end up investigating the incident on their own.

I’m sure this’ll all be silly and pointless in the end, but I still find myself excited to yet again jump into this world. Clearly Atlus has succeeded in casting its Persona 4 spell on me.

Brand new Persona 4: Dancing All Night trailer!

This time, it’s more of a general piece showing off all the characters, some anime cutscenes, and played to tunes of the main theme. 

Oh my god, Nanako dancing with Kanji is the most adorable thing ever. Teddy bursting out of his suit is also pretty rad.

I’m actually unreasonably excited for this. What about you?

What more is there to say? It’s a new Persona 4: Dancing All Night trailer. It looks rad. Chie’s Bruce Lee jump suit is awesome.

The end.

Another week, another Persona 4: Dancing All Night trailer.

Yosuke’s up next, and he’s too busy showing off his new moves to remember how derpy he actually is.

We’re gonna dance.

Dance our way to freedom, ya’all.

I want this game yesterday.

Oh hey, Atlus released a bunch of new screenshots for their upcoming Vita rhythm game, Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

This isn’t everything, so if you want to see even more screenshots, check out the source link below.

This game looks hot.


Yup, I think I’ll be holding onto this week’s issue of Famitsu.