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Happy turkey week everyone, and welcome to another edition of Go West!, your favorite [somewhat] frequent column about the latest Japan-only game releases. The holiday season is here, which means sales, lots of shopping, and no money. If you’re an import buyer however, it mostly just means no money because hahaha what are sales.

In the spirit of the season however, we can at least window shop and stare at all the stuff we can’t afford, and this week there’s a whole lot of releases. Fantastic!

So come along with em as we explore a new world filled with otome games, visual novels, RPGs, and one very big Nintendo 3DS release that might have to do with hunting monsters of some kind.

Tally ho!

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Too much Monster Hunter X news. Cannot process.

Here’s the opening to Monster Hunter X, in which previous cover monsters face off with X’s main beasties and uh… don’t do so great. 

Monster Hunter openings are always super cool, and as expected, X is no different.

Hey guess what!

Trailer 3 for Monster Hunter X is out!

It’s fucking rad as hell!

The end.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate that we have new news for Gyakuten Saiban 6. Let’s take a moment to appreciate that Gyakuten Saiban 6 is a thing.

All right, feels good.

  • Some new details. Odoroki and Naruhodo will be sharing main character status, with Odoroki’s trials taking place in Japan and his mentor’s in Kurain.
  • Good ole’ Auchi Fumitake will be making an appearance in Kurain as well, after getting chased out of the Japanese court system. For those of you who might have forgotten, Fumitake is the younger brother of the Auchi who appeared in GS 1-4. 
  • Leifa is capable of summoning the memories of the dead, and showing what they last saw on the surface of the water mirror in the center of the courtroom. This is used as decisive evidence for who the culprit is, but apparently there are contradictions…?
  • The five senses are represented in the vision through text floating onscreen. The timing with which the text appears is important.
  • On the bottom screen, you can stop the vision, go back, forward, etc.

Let’s be real for a moment

The original Project X Zone was not a great game. It might not have even been a good game. But dammit, it was worth playing just to see your favorite video game characters rendered in sprite mode.

I regret nothing.

And I probably won’t regret buying Project X Zone 2. Sega Sanshiro? The crew of Resonance of Fate? STAR GLADIATORS? Come on now.

Come on.


Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, welcome to another riveting episode of Go West!, your [sometimes] weekly column about the latest Japanese game releases.

I have no objections to this week’s titles.

I almost feel cornered by the quality of the games coming out.

Maybe I should investigate the source.

How many more times can I include obvious references to the big video game of the week?

A lot more.

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Like any good crossover game, Project X Zone 2 has a brand new, nearly 10 minute long trailer showing off all its insane sprite work.

The original game had plenty of issues with the tedious nature of the various missions and just how long the game was, but nobody can deny that it was worth checking out at least for the nutty sprites.

Hell, I didn’t get particularly far into the first game, and this trailer STILL manages to get me hyped. It’s hard not to when all your favorite characters from Bandai Namco, Sega, and Capcom properties are getting their beat down. 

Sigh. I’m going to end up buying this, aren’t I?

Here it is, in all its glory. The Monster Hunter X trailer. 

The game is due out this year in Japan on the 3DS, and will feature villages from previous games, four flagship monsters, super flashy action, and all sorts of craziness.

Look, just watch the trailer and see for yourself.


The Dai Gyakuten Saiban feature from this week’s Famitsu.

It introduces Baroque Vanjiques (I have no clue. He was once referred to as the Grim Reaper, a legendary prosecutor. After five years away, he has returned to the court. The multiple witness system returns from the Professor Layton/Ace Attorney cross over, in addition to the brand new jury system.

Everyone’s favorite hair-lacking prosecutor returns as well in the first chapter. along with the brand new character, Satoru Hosonaga, a waiter at a top class restaraunt.

I am so fucking hyped for this game.

Hell yeah.

A leak from this week’s pile of Japanese game magazines has revealed the release date for the latest game in the Ace Attorney franchise.

Dai Gyakuten Saiban will be hitting Japan on July 9th of this year. It’ll run you a cool 5,800 yen, and there’ll be a Limited Edition available for 7,300 yen.

Get. Hype.

No objections here.