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Happy turkey week everyone, and welcome to another edition of Go West!, your favorite [somewhat] frequent column about the latest Japan-only game releases. The holiday season is here, which means sales, lots of shopping, and no money. If you’re an import buyer however, it mostly just means no money because hahaha what are sales.

In the spirit of the season however, we can at least window shop and stare at all the stuff we can’t afford, and this week there’s a whole lot of releases. Fantastic!

So come along with em as we explore a new world filled with otome games, visual novels, RPGs, and one very big Nintendo 3DS release that might have to do with hunting monsters of some kind.

Tally ho!

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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to your favorite [almost] weekly column about new Japanese video game releases over in Japan. Despite us nearly entering the holiday season, Game releases have slowed down momentarily, leaving us with what could only be described as scraps.

Still, games are games, and so here I am, writing about Compile Heart and FuRyu’s latest offerings.

There’s gotta be some joke inside of all of this. 

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Hey there buttercups, and welcome to another episode of Go West!, your not-quite-weekly column about new Japanese video game releases. I’m hoping that if I keep using out-of-fashion words to describe you all, eventually it’ll catch on. It probably won’t.

This week brings with it… not a whole actually. That said, it’s not a completely empty schedule. We have an unlikely sequel and another game in that one franchise that keeps getting new games. Not exactly drowning in riches, but hey, you take what you can get.

Tally ho!

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Howdy folks, and welcome to another zany, wacky, absurd edition of Go West!, your [sometimes] weekly column about the latest Japanese game releases. 

For what feels like the first time in months, we have more than just a single big new title this week. Now that summer is coming to an end, the Japanese video game industry has sprung back to life so that it may once again entertain us with endless visual novel and RPG releases.

This week? A revival of an old classic, an anime licensed game that probably won’t suck, and a brand new IP from an old developer. Oh, and some other random stuff too because why not.

Let’s get this party on the road!

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I remain forever confused by how the Neptunia series continues to grow and branch out despite having consistent but fairly middling numbers in Japan. 

Still, I gotta hand it to Compile Heart. The series lasted a helluva lot longer than I anticipated.

The above video is the opening cinematic for the Vita game Blanc + Neptunia VS The Zombie Army. It’s an action game not entirely unlike Neptunia U before it, but with zombies and more weirdness.

Plus the opening track is called “Be My Zombie.” I can’t hate that.

Another trailer, and we’re only finally starting to get a complete picture of what Compile Heart’s upcoming Vita JRPG, Makaishin Trillion, is actually about. 

The new video doesn’t explain anything in super detail, but players will apparently be challenging the mighty Trillion many times throughout the game. The general cycle has you training your demon kings by doing exercises, running practice dungeons, etc. To be honest, it doesn’t look all that exciting.

What do you guys think?

Pages from Dengeki’s coverage of Neptunia V-II, introducing the various little sisters and their goddess forms. 

There’s also gonna be a Spelunker world in the game. \o/

You know, Compile Heart’s new Vita RPG, Makaishin Trillion comes out on 3/21 and I still feel like we know close to nothing about how it actually plays beyond “it’s an RPG yo.”

That probably doesn’t bode well for its quality, but hey, I’m willing to give it a fair shot.

Here’s the opening from said game. It’s decidedly low budget.


Look, a new Neptunia V-II trailer

You know, as little experience as I have with this franchise, I can’t help but respect Compile Heart for really digging their feet in. As far as I can tell, the Neptunia series is hardly a huge seller, even amongst the otaku niche in Japan, yet here we are with a new PS4 release.

I have it on reasonable authority that this series only got better and more playable with each iteration, so I imagine fans of the series will find a lot to like here.

And hey, at least the special attacks look kinda cool.

There’s a new Neptunia game coming out for the PS4.

Neptunia V-II.

It’s a Neptunia game.

Here’s the opening.

It’s an opening for a Neptunia game.