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Howdy folks!

I know there were quite a few people wondering if I’d be archiving the Blood Drive translation stream, and the answer is yes.

Last night’s first episode went a whopping two hours and forty some odd minutes, so I cut it into 15-20 minute chunks and uploaded them to Youtube. Check them out above if you’re so inclined!

The rest will be going up as we keep playing and moving forward. And remember, we’ll be streaming again tonight at 8pm eastern time.




Now that things have settled down around the Doki Doki Kusoge offices, it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

That means that this summer’s Japanese horror game streams are back in full force. Huzzah!

We’ll be kicking it off with a translation stream of Corpse Party: Blood Drive, the direct sequel of the original Corpse Party which we streamed last summer. 

I’m planning on doing a full playthrough of the game, which will probably take a while, but it should be a fun time for everyone.

The festivities start this Tuesday (August 11th) at 8pm US eastern time, and will run through Friday, August 14th. Depending on how much progress we make, we’ll schedule more time in if necessary.

Remember, that’s 8pm US eastern time every night next week. Be there!

Tonight folks! Be there or be square!

So much to my surprise, a lot has been added to the exploration mechanics of the game. Coming off of Dead Patient (which mostly didn’t do a whole lot different save for some cool lighting, this really caught me off guard.

There are health items which restore your HP after you take damage from fallen glass or an evil spirit. Your flashlight is also limited in power, so you collect batteries which can be used to recharge it.

Additionally, there are now lockers that you can hide in when you’re being chased. If you hide while the creature/ghost/thing has you in plain sight, they’ll pull you out and do damage to you.

The screen you get is also creepy as fuck.

Corpse Party Blood Drive might not be some crazy graphical powerhouse, but the real time lighting in the game is super spooky. The flashlight is a limited device, meaning you have to find batteries to keep it powered up. The only downside is that the framerate drops a bit, but it’s not super bad.

Also the sound design is as amazing as ever.

“Use the toilet.”

“Don’t use the toilet.”

Now I know for sure that this is a Corpse Party game.

5pb.Games has finally uploaded a beefy video showing off Corpse Party Blood Drive for the Vita. I’m loving the return to 3D exploration, and the flashlight lighting effects look like they have the potential to create some super terrifying situations.

I thought Book of Shadows suffered due to abandoning the actual exploration style (and Dead Patient chapter 1 made up for it), but Blood Drive is familiar in the best of ways. Lots of creepy traps, health items, and chase sequences go down in this nearly five minute gameplay video.

When there’s more than two characters in your party, you can switch between who’s playable since each one will have different abilities.

I cannot wait for this.