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The Dai Gyakuten Saiban feature from this week’s Famitsu.

It introduces Baroque Vanjiques (I have no clue. He was once referred to as the Grim Reaper, a legendary prosecutor. After five years away, he has returned to the court. The multiple witness system returns from the Professor Layton/Ace Attorney cross over, in addition to the brand new jury system.

Everyone’s favorite hair-lacking prosecutor returns as well in the first chapter. along with the brand new character, Satoru Hosonaga, a waiter at a top class restaraunt.

I am so fucking hyped for this game.

Here’s the subbed Dai Gyakuten Saiban trailer.

What else do you want me to say? It looks and sounds fantastic. I’m a gigantic Ace Attorney fanboy and everything about this trailer makes me want to leap off a cliff in glee.

Go watch it and leap off the cliff with me.

Hell yeah.

A leak from this week’s pile of Japanese game magazines has revealed the release date for the latest game in the Ace Attorney franchise.

Dai Gyakuten Saiban will be hitting Japan on July 9th of this year. It’ll run you a cool 5,800 yen, and there’ll be a Limited Edition available for 7,300 yen.

Get. Hype.

No objections here.

New Dai Gyakuten Saiban info? Don’t mind if I do!

These scans come courtesy of Court Records. I’m just gonna quote them for the translation since they did all the foot work! I don’t know about you guys, but this sounds rad as fuck. Hit up Court Records for all the additional deets. Oh, plus some official screenshots of Asougi!

- Asougi Kazuma - Student of Imperial Capital Yuumei University (Teito Yuumei Daigaku, probably the precessor of Ivy University in GS3) and also an attorney. Close friend of Ryuunosuke. He hopes to improve the position of the defense attorney in Japan and plans to study in England to do that. He helps Ryuunosuke out in the first trial. Apparently the first trial is deemed ‘a top secret trial’ by the government.

- it’s possible to cross-examine two people at the same time now.

- Mustache man’s man Uzukmar (Uzukumaru, but I guess it’s a German-esque name like for example Weimar).

- Autopsy report mentions someone dying at 2 PM. Cause of death: blood loss due to one gunshot. Bullet did not leave the body.

All the sexy. All the lawyers. All the detectives. 

I cannot wait for this game.