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4Gamer just uploaded a 12 minute video of Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade gameplay from the location test, and it’s about as raw as you can expect.

As per all of their gameplay vids, the blue Japanese text at the bottom is explaining the basics of how the game works.

The UI is very busy, but not anymore so than your average Japanese arcade game in which you’re dealing with teammates and all sorts of craziness. The whole thing reminds me of a slower Gundam Extreme Vs, though there are obviously huge differences in how it actually plays juxtaposed to the speed it moves.

Either way, I think it’s looking pretty solid, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

More Dissidia Final Fantasy stuff because why the hell not.

This time around it’s a comparison video showing off the arcade version running on custom PS4 hardware (the left) and the standard PS4 version that exists, on the right.

Yup. Looks cool. Still.

What do you guys think?

Square Enix has uploaded a brand new official trailer for their arcade (and likely PS4) multiplayer action game Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Spoilers: it’s Dissidia.

Loving how chaotic everything is with so many player characters on one field, and it’s always good to hear Ishimoto’s rocking beats in another video game.

The UI is ugly as sin, but I can forgive that if everything plays like it’s supposed to.

New Dissidia Final Fantasy trailer? Sure!

Loving the ability to actually summon monsters like Ifrit. The PSP versions were limited to flashes of art, but this is way cooler.


Lots of Dissidia Final Fantasy news coming in today, and this one is hot off the presses.

Ramza Beoulve of Final Fantasy Tactics fame will be a playable character in the upcoming arcade fighter, Dissidia Final Fantasy. He’ll be redesigned by Tetsuya Nomura, as per the usual.

Rad. Super super rad. I don’t know how I feel about the redesign, but I’m happy one of my favorite FF characters is in.

Who else is happy about this?


Square Enix has announced a brand new Dissidia Final Fantasy game for arcaes. It’ll feature 3 vs 3 combat, and have a world/setting/continuity different from the previous two games in the series.

More details set to come on April 10.