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Oh hey, it’s NieR Automata, the sequel to the amazing NieR. Oh hey, it looks goddamn incredible.

NieR Automata takes place on an Earth that’s been ravaged by war and all sorts of not great stuff. It depicts a war between the humans’ android/robot attack unit, Yorha, and some strange mechanical lifeforms. The main character is named Yorha No.2 Type B, and wields a katana and great sword.

Androids in the Yorha squad don’t actually have names, and so they’re referred to by their number. Because she wears special battle goggles, her eyes are rarely ever visible. It’s against the rules for them to have emotions, but each model does have its own individual ticks and traits. For example, 2B is much more calm than her counterparts. 

There’s also a new support system called Pod, which seems to work a whole lot like your book buddy did in the first game. 

The screenshots also show off strange robot enemies, which the magazine notes are very NieR-like in that something about them is oddly cute. There are many different variants of these machines, some of them with longer limbs than others, some that can fly, some that can merge with others, etc.

Guys, I’m so excited for NieR Automata. Fuck.

The following is the brief creator interview that conducted with Drakengard/Nier creator, Yoko Taro, in Dengeki PlayStation. If the answers seem bizarre and weird, that’s because they are. He’s a weird, amazing man.

Question 1: If you could participate as a staff member on any company’s game, what game would it be?

Yoko Taro: None of them. I know how low my own capabilities are, so I wouldn’t want to ruin my favourite game with them. I also really don’t want to participate in any games that are as bad as I am.

Question 2: Good luck! You can do it!

Yoko Taro: Thank you. I’ll let them know you said that. 

Question 3: I read your twitter a lot, and I noticed that you really like Tenka Ippin’s ramen and steak. If you had to erase one of these from the world, which would it be? By the way, when I say erase, I mean that all memories of them ever existing would be gone from you and everyone else in the world.

Yoko Taro: If I’m able to make that decision, that means I have time between hearing the problem and having to give an answer. According to your question, that amount of time hasn’t been determined. In that case, I’d probably stretch out my answer for as long as possible, “hmmmmm, I wonder what I should doooo. Their ramen is good, but so is their steak… Oh, wait, today I think I want to watch Mad Max!”

Question 4: I like Mr. Yoko a lot! The characters that appear in your game are generally very abnormal/different compared to other games, right? I was wondering if this was something influenced by your stance against discrimination? In Nier, you even had a party member who was a sexual minority. I’ve always wondered about this.

Yoko Taro: Thank you for liking me so much. But, I don’t believe I’m some sort of example of someone anti-discrimination. In the past and up until this point of my life, I’m guilty of bullying, hating others. I’m aware that I’ve done these things. Maybe it’s that sense of resignation that’s had an effect on the characters I’ve made.

Question 5: What is it about your games that makes you personally think, “Man, my games are different from all the others?”

Yoko Taro: Outside of the naming sense, I don’t think they’re all that different from other games.

The Nier feature from this week’s Dengeki. This actually came with a really nice Yoko Taro interview that I’m probably going to translate some details from, so stay tuned for that.

I still can’t believe this game is actually being made. What a wonderful world this is.


From an interview in this week’s Famitsu, we have a handful of new details on the brand new Nier game that surfaces at Square Enix’s E3 conference. I translated the interview bits below.


Famitsu: Does this take place in the same world/universe as Nier?

Yoko Taro: It takes place in the same world as Nier, but in the future. If players start with this game, they should have no problems following the story. In fact, those who come into this expecting it to be a direct sequel might find themselves a bit lost.

Famitsu: Will characters from the last game appear?

Yoko Taro: Not everyone is going to pop up, but yes, some characters will be appearing. They won’t be in central roles though.

Famitsu: What’s going on with the CERO* rating?

Yoko Taro: We had made Nier with the intent of getting a B or C, but we ended up with a D. We’re developing this new game in the hopes of getting an A, but…

  • There will be a New Game + of some kind. It’ll be different from the last game.
  • Drakengard’s Weapon Story system is set to be in the game.
  • The development is currently 10% done.


*Cero is Japan’s rating system, similar to the ESRB. 

This week’s Famitsu featured a cover story celebrating the last 20 years of Playstation. As always, they had developers and artists come in to do tribute illustrations. I’ve divided them into three separate posts.

This set is seven through twelve, and below are the artists for each entry.

7. Hidari (Toukiden)

8. Shin Sangoku Musou development team (lol shades of Capcom)

9. Youji Shinkawa (Metal Gear)

10. Kimihiko Fujisaka (Drakengard)

11. Raita Honjou (Valkyria Chronicles)

12. Hideo Minaba (Final Fantasy IX)

A really fantastic video interview with Yoko Taro, the creative mind behind the Drakengard series and Nier. He’s really upfront and honest about his feelings toward violence and game development.

If you have some free time, I recommend checking it out. He makes some fascinating points.

Also, go buy Drakengard 3 if you like weird video games with excellent writing and storytelling. 

Two has finally been revealed. She’s apparently the mood making sweetheart of her sisters.

Love the group shot of all six sisters. Lovely art work.

The Drakengard 3 article in this week’s Dengeki. Features a Zero illustration courtesy of Shizuki Morii of 5pb.

Snatched this from my copy of Famitsu. Three is one of Zero’s sisters. She doesn’t give a shit about things she’s not interested in, but she’s obsessed with the stuff she digs. Popular with the soldiers.

Who likes Drakengard? This guy. Drakengard 3 is looking awesome. According to an interview in this week’s Dengeki Playstation, Mikhail the dragon is actually the most normal character in the game. Derp.

All the sexual antics!