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It’s a brand new eight minute block of action gameplay from Falcom’s upcoming action RPG, Tokyo Xanadu. 


Some folks might not be aware of this, but TX is actually being handled by a lot of the younger members of Falcom’s staff, which means it’s not the usual assortment of Ys/Kiseki veterans. I’m very curious to see what the younger generation at Falcom is capable of, and I’ll be there day one.

Tokyo Xanadu feature from this week’s Famitsu.

The actual main city you run around in is populated by real-world shops like Animate, Kotobukiya, and even the Orion book stores. Additionally, you’ll be able to check out the mall and go a handful of shops, or even spend time in the park. There’s also a hot springs location and even an old school shopping arcade.

Tokyo Xanadu also features plentiful mini-games, like Skateboarding, Mishi Panic featuring Magical Girl Magical Alisa, and GATE OF AVALON.

For those of you who played Trails of Cold Steel (Sen no Kiseki), all three of these games should seem familiar. Skateboarding is snowboarding, Mishi Panic is Mishi Panic, and Gate of Avalon is a tweaked and reskinned version of the Blade card game.


Falcom has finally released a full length trailer for Tokyo Xanadu, their Vita action RPG releasing late next month.

And it looks grand. I’m sure nobody is surprised by that, but goddamn does it look good.

I’ll be there day one with impressions. 

Can you Xanadu?

I continue to wait patiently in anticipation of a full trailer for Falcom’s upcoming Vita action RPG, Tokyo Xanadu. In the meantime, I guess I’ll have to make do with new commercials.

Speak of the devil! 

This new CM shows off more of the slick opening animation (Falcom finally putting in the money for quality work), some glimpses of story cutscenes, and a tiny bit of gameplay.

I want more please.

Pretty please?


Salutations, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to yet another action packed edition of Go West!, your weekly-ish column about new Japanese game releases, my beautiful hair, and rainy season.

There’s not a ton out this week, but there are a handful of notable releases sure to get you guys and gals excited. Our buddies at Idea Factory also make an appearance! Huzzah!

And if they don’t? Well, I suppose you could always just buy Natsuiro High School and suffer like I did.

Please don’t.

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Dengeki Playstation’s Tokyo Xanadu feature from this week. Introduces the fifth playable character, Hokuto Mitsuki. It also features an overview of the various gameplay mechanics, the respective elements for each playable character, and also teases a big feature for next week.

Falcom games. The bestest.

CAN YOU XANADU?!Sorry, slow news evening. Go West! will be up shortly.


Sorry, slow news evening. Go West! will be up shortly.

New Tokyo Xanadu information courtesy of Falcom!

This time we’re introduced to one of the playable characters, Sora Ikushima. She’s a first year high school student and a member of the karate club. She has a serious personality, and is a boarding student. In battle, she uses various karate techniques to take down enemies.



Speaking of Falcom’s Tokyo Xanadu…

A free Vita theme for the upcoming game has hit the Japanese side of the PSN, so if you have an account over there and wanna get in on the stylish hot sauce, now’s the time.

Oh look, new direct feed screenshots of Falcom’s upcoming Vita release, Tokyo Xanadu.

Oh hey, they look pretty great. 

To be honest, this doesn’t look much like Xanadu, but I’m willing to reserve judgement until we know more. This could have easily been a new IP, but they chose to attach the Xanadu name to it, and I wanna know why.

Either way though, it’ll probably be rad as hell.

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