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Oh hey, it’s the new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer… IN JAPANESE.

Because hey, there are some folks who are into that kinda jazz. Myself included.

Can’t believe I’m excited for a Final Fantasy VII thing again. 

It’s a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Well fuck.


Another day, another Dissidia: Final Fantasy trailer. The newest video in the countdown goes to Vaan, the hapless protagonist of Final Fantasy XII. I remember hating this game back when it first launched, but I suspect that if I played it now, I’d like it a whole lot.

Tastes change. Whodda thunk it?

The latest Dissidia: Final Fantasy Battle Trailer goes to Final Fantasy IX hero, Zidane Tribal.

Secret fact: Final Fantasy IX is actually probably my favorite Final Fantasy, and Zidane is my personal favorite protagonist.

This trailer leaves me hype.

Seeing Zidane looking so fucking cool leaves me hype.

I am hype.



Cloud from FF7 is gonna be in Smash Brothers.


Well then.

Hey lookie! A brand new trailer for Dissidia: Final Fantasy, the arcade game launching on November 26th.

Lots of fresh gameplay footage here of all the characters currently in the game (one representative from each numbered game sans XV). We already know that roster is going to get larger in due time, but for now, this is sufficiently hype. 

Can’t wait to eventually get my grubby hands on this.

Brand new trailer for World of Final Fantasy (PS4/Vita).

The moment in which a Cactuar conductor appeared, I was forever sold on this game.

Instant. Purchase.

This looks adorable and fun and all sorts of neat, and I’m actually surprised by how excited I am to play this. 

Am I alone on this?

This week’s Famitsu featured a four page piece on SE’s upcoming PS4/Vita RPG, World of Final Fantasy. Here are some of the translated deets.

In the world of Grimoire, Ran and Ren can transform into Purimero form (they get super small and cute). When in this form, they can ride atop various different monsters. They’re also capable of transforming back into normal size, referred to by the citizens of Grimoire as Oobito (big people).

“Nose Nose” (pronounced no-seh) is a system used in battle in which three characters stack on top of one another, with the biggest of the three at the bottom and the smallest at the top. The stacking size determines the strength of some attacks or magic. For example, Ren alone might use Fire, but with two friends on top of him, he can use Firaga. Because the twins can change size at will, this opens up the possibility for a variety of battle combinations. 

All the monsters and summons in the world of Grimoire are referred to as Mirage. They have personalities and lives, which is supposedly going to be connected to the main story. 

There are two types of summons in World of Final Fantasy: Mega Mirage Summons and Saber Summons. The former lets you call upon huge, special Mirage beasts. The latter calls forth characters like the Warrior of Light or Cloud. 

I don’t know about you guys, but this sounds adorable and fun.

It’s a World of Final Fantasy trailer!

On the one hand, Square Enix putting the World of Final Fantasy trailer before VII RE’s was a genius troll move.

On the other hand, I feel super bad for World of Final Fantasy because it looks really really cute but had the unenviable position of being treated as a punching bag initially.

Still, check out the trailer. This video is adorable.


Final Fantasy VII remake incoming.

Square Enix’s conference is gonna be bonkers.