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Oh hey, a new trailer for NIS’ upcoming Vita horror game, Yomawari. This is our first good look at the game in motion, and dear god is it creepy as hell.

As you all already know, Yomawari is about a little girl who leaves her house at night in search of her lost dog, and her big sister. Lots of super messed up monsters want to kill the ever loving crap out of her, so she must navigate the seamless city map in order to make her way to safety. She lacks any weapons, so it’s up to distractions and just good ole’ fashioned running to prevent her from experiencing dead time.

This coming out near Halloween couldn’t be any more perfect. I can’t wait to get some hands on time with this.

What’s that? You want an hour of Gal Gun: Double Peace gameplay in HD?

You do? Seriously?

Well uh, here you go. Recorded just for your viewing pleasure/pain.


It’s time.

Tonight at 8 pm eastern time, we return to Natsuiro High School, the game that killed a man.

Ok, maybe it didn’t kill a man, but it certainly crushed his soul.

That man was me.


Come for the curiosity, stay for the pain, leave because the pain was actually too painful.

Brand new trailer for World of Final Fantasy (PS4/Vita).

The moment in which a Cactuar conductor appeared, I was forever sold on this game.

Instant. Purchase.

This looks adorable and fun and all sorts of neat, and I’m actually surprised by how excited I am to play this. 

Am I alone on this?

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.

Vanillaware x Atlus.


Beautiful things.

Get hype.

It’s a brand new eight minute block of action gameplay from Falcom’s upcoming action RPG, Tokyo Xanadu. 


Some folks might not be aware of this, but TX is actually being handled by a lot of the younger members of Falcom’s staff, which means it’s not the usual assortment of Ys/Kiseki veterans. I’m very curious to see what the younger generation at Falcom is capable of, and I’ll be there day one.


Mamoru Hosoda has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of Japanese film. Responsible for films like Digimon Adventure: Our War Game and One Piece Movie: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island, mainstream cinema goers didn’t really get to know him until The Girl Who Leapt Through Time debuted. It didn’t take long for critics to cry out that he was the next Hayao Miyazaki, something that seemed to happen every time a new, fresh director emerged from the shadows. As was the case with most of those other directors, assigning Hosoda the label of “next Miyazaki” was ultimately a disservice to both him and the Studio Ghibli powerhouse.

The last two Hosoda films, Summer Wars and The Wolf Children, were both stories about the power of family. The former took a look at the bigger picture of what a family is, while the latter was a more personal story about a single mother’s experience raising two children.

Mamoru Hosoda’s latest, The Boy and the Beast, is yet another tale about family, and in some ways is interesting as a companion piece to The Wolf Children, but it’s also more than just that. It’s a martial arts film. It’s a coming of age story. It’s a tale about coming to terms with the people around you.

It also happens to be a damn fine film.

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Scans from last week’s Miracle Girls Festival feature in Famitsu. 

For those of you still unawares, the game is built on the Project Diva engine and game system, so if you’re good at those games, you’ll probably be a pro at this one, featuring music from a handful of popular anime series.

Last week the focus was on Arpeggio, Nyarko-san, and No-Rin.

Anybody looking to pick this up?

Well look at that!

More Atsushi Nishigori illustrations from his brand new art book, Telegenic!

This time around is a series of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann illustrations and sketches from various magazines, books, CDs, and DVDs. Much more coming later!



Now that things have settled down around the Doki Doki Kusoge offices, it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

That means that this summer’s Japanese horror game streams are back in full force. Huzzah!

We’ll be kicking it off with a translation stream of Corpse Party: Blood Drive, the direct sequel of the original Corpse Party which we streamed last summer. 

I’m planning on doing a full playthrough of the game, which will probably take a while, but it should be a fun time for everyone.

The festivities start this Tuesday (August 11th) at 8pm US eastern time, and will run through Friday, August 14th. Depending on how much progress we make, we’ll schedule more time in if necessary.

Remember, that’s 8pm US eastern time every night next week. Be there!

Tonight folks! Be there or be square!