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The Luminous Arc: Infinity feature from this week’s Dengeki.

I’m beginning to think that literally every single Marvelous game is going to feature a “touch the half naked girl” gameplay element going forward. Not really sure how I feel about that, but there you go.

The process basically works like this: Talk with the girls and get close to them, present them with gifts to raise your relationship ranking, and then touch them. The last bit is being called “Secret Lesson” mode. Your relationship rank will sky rocket, but it also uses up a love of action points, which are required to do anything when out of battle.

There’s something tragically ironic about Imageepoch’s final game, Stella Glow, being the innocent and cute one of the two Luminous Arc torch bearers.

Speaking of the once-again-delayed IA/VT Colorful, here’s a brand new trailer for the game showing off its various play-types.

As much as I joke about how often IA/VT seems to retreat into the shadows, I’m actually pretty excited to pick this up. I love me a good rhythm game, and while I’m not familiar with the character, I really like the visual style of the whole package. It seems to me like the game is going to be reasonably content rich as well, so it’s mostly been a bummer that Marvelous keeps pushing the game back.

I want this to be good. I hope it’s good.

Marvelous’ oft delayed PS Vita rhythm game, IA/VT Colorful, has found itself the victim of yet another delay. 

This time the game has been moved fromits June 25th release date all the way to July 30th. No reasons were given for the the change beyond an apology, but I’m willing to bet that they decided to not launch around Persona 4 Dancing All Night. 

P4 will sell well on the strength of the branding alone, and after how many times IA/VT has been pushed back, it seems like they’re not too confident in how it’ll do against the now-cross media beast. 

Of course I could be completely wrong about all of that. Huzzah!

Net High, Marvelous’ brand new IP and adventure game for the Vita.

I’m not really sure where to start with this one, so I’ll just open with this: no, that’s not Kamina.

Now that we’ve acknowledged the enormous elephant in the room, let’s see if we can make sense of all this net lingo and insanity.

Net High stars Oreshi (the kanji of which just ends up meaning “I”), a 21 year old freeter. One day he incidentally comes into possession of a super duper high tech wearable device, which changes his life forever. Shiru is the AI that lives in the device, helping out Oreshi on his quest to seek the truth of the world.

MC is a mysterious figure who seems to have control over all the systems running the city.

The core game flow revolves on visiting an SNS (fake Twitter), digging up information on your opponent, and then confronting them with it to prove that the persona they have visible to the public is actually complete lies. In the above image, you can see that Mr. Elite is actually a chubby stereotypical nerd. The article doesn’t go into much detail on how these battles play out, but they make use of in-game social networks. 

This seems like a really interesting concept, and reminds me a lot of other adventure titles which tried to mix up the formula in unique ways (Ace Attorney, DanganRonpa). It feels like Marvelous is aiming for something similar here, especially given the overall design of the project.

Hope this ends up being rad.

It’s a new trailer for Marvelous’ upcoming Vita SRPG, Luminous Arc: Infinity.

As I’m sure you’re all aware, this new LA isn’t being developed by Imageepoch (Stella Glow is their jam). That being said, the production values on this look really solid. The big, flashy specials are well animated and colorful, and the whole thing exudes charm.

I’m also interested in the new Produce Plan system that lets you raise an song priestess so she learns certain skills and the like. That, and I dig that you can actually run around and talk to NPCs instead of being stuck in menus.

I’d love for this turn out pretty well.

Well that’s surprising.

Marvelous recently announced that both Daidoji Sempai and Rin will be added to Senran Kagura: Estival Versus as playable characters for free. They’ll be brought into a game via a big update coming during spring of this year.

Yay free content!

A new play video for Marvelous’ oft-delayed Vita rhythm game, IA/VT -COLORFUL-. All things considered, it at least seems to be quite the looker. Not sure how I feel about the rotating circle in the center of the screen, but it definitely looks like an improvement over its initial form last year.

Hopefully it plays all right.