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Here’s the NieR: Automata trailer.

I love everything about this trailer.

Brb gonna go flip my shit.

Hey lookie! A brand new trailer for Dissidia: Final Fantasy, the arcade game launching on November 26th.

Lots of fresh gameplay footage here of all the characters currently in the game (one representative from each numbered game sans XV). We already know that roster is going to get larger in due time, but for now, this is sufficiently hype. 

Can’t wait to eventually get my grubby hands on this.

Want some more NieR Automata scans?

Of course you do.

This time around they’re from Dengeki PlayStation, and while there’s nothing new here, there’s some info I missed in the other piece, so here we go.

Humanity fled to the moon after creating the Yorha unit to do battle against the otherwordly invaders entering Earth. Meanwhile, the various robots you see in these scans are some kind of life form, sent in by the beings from space. They are capable of repairing themselves and even creating more. While their true fighting force is unknown, they’re strong enough that humanity abandoned Earth.

Dragon Quest Monsters Joke 3 feature from this week’s Famitsu. 

The Ride System lets the MC ride on any monster, regardless of size. This also means you can travel by land, sea, or air, allowing you to hit up places you might not have otherwise been able to reach.

DQMJ3 is shaping up quite nicely, and it’s already a much stronger looker than its precursors. 

God Eater Resurrection spread from this week’s Famitsu.

Steins;Gate 0 feature from this week’s Famitsu.

Not a ton of new information here, but lots of CG illustrations to go around. I’m really curious as to how they intend to tell a gripping story when we already know how this ends, unless there’s something big they’re hiding. I’m still trying to figure out just who that Kagari girl actually is.

Either way, bring it on. 

Exist Archive feature from this week’s Famitsu.

This time we have a bunch of new character classes, along with some details on the item creation system and online modes. Let’s dive in!

  • Samurai: Kiriya Tokihisa starts off as this class. Uses a katana. Heavy armor type. Reach is smaller than the broad sword, but has top class damage against single enemies. Able to smash enemies down from the air, or throw them up from the ground, so is very useful in combos for dealing damage.
  • Grim Reaper: Myouji Ema starts off as this class. Uses a death scythe. Light armor type. Throws the scythe like a boomerang. Once the weapon is in the air, and can move along several different trajectories to do damage. Can deal damage to multiple enemies, but requires great skill in order to maximize damage output.
  • Tamer: Himuro Suzaku starts off as this class. Uses a blade whip. Light armor type. Super good reach. Able to hit multiple enemies in one go. Lacks the power of other classes, but due to the reach and hit number, it’s very useful in combos.
  • Storm Mage: Tsukishiro Mayura starts off as this class. Uses an orb. Magic garment type. One of the multiple magic types, is able to throw out multiple tornados. This class centers around wind attacks. Capable of healing magic as well. Can serve as the party’s healer.
  • Lightning Mage: Mitosagi Yui starts off as this class. Uses a rod. Magic garment type. Primarily uses magic revolving around lightning. Very strong attacks with multiple hits. Also capable of stunning enemies. Can learn magic that drops enemy’s stats. Bad at healing.

Item crafting system called Materialize. The goddess Amatsume can take items you don’t need and convert them into energy, thus creating a new item. She’s basically like a shop. 

Exist Archive also features two different online modes: Hot Spot and Speed Run. 

Hot Spot: The game looks at which areas players are playing in the most, and then ranks those areas by their popularity. The areas high up get better item drop percentages and other bonuses.

Speed Run: This mode lets you re-fight bosses and attempt to complete them under the standard time. This time is then uploaded to an online scoreboard. By getting good times, you can receive various different rewards.

Oh hey, it’s NieR Automata, the sequel to the amazing NieR. Oh hey, it looks goddamn incredible.

NieR Automata takes place on an Earth that’s been ravaged by war and all sorts of not great stuff. It depicts a war between the humans’ android/robot attack unit, Yorha, and some strange mechanical lifeforms. The main character is named Yorha No.2 Type B, and wields a katana and great sword.

Androids in the Yorha squad don’t actually have names, and so they’re referred to by their number. Because she wears special battle goggles, her eyes are rarely ever visible. It’s against the rules for them to have emotions, but each model does have its own individual ticks and traits. For example, 2B is much more calm than her counterparts. 

There’s also a new support system called Pod, which seems to work a whole lot like your book buddy did in the first game. 

The screenshots also show off strange robot enemies, which the magazine notes are very NieR-like in that something about them is oddly cute. There are many different variants of these machines, some of them with longer limbs than others, some that can fly, some that can merge with others, etc.

Guys, I’m so excited for NieR Automata. Fuck.

What a bizarre world we live in. It’s still hard to believe that tri-Ace itself is still alive and doing well, and it’s even more surprising that they’re going back to the concept that resulted in Valkyrie Profile.

Exist Archive is very much the spiritual successor to tri-Ace’s seminal RPG, complete with combo based combat, 2D dungeon exploration, and sending characters off to another dimension, in this case Earth.

The latest trailer digs into the large cast of characters, all of whom look ridiculous. I still can’t get over how good that skull outfit design is.

New Genei Inbun Roku #FE trailers! Huzzah!

As usual, the Atlus promotion machine is in full steam now that #FE is on the horizon. This time around, we get character videos introducing the young Mamori Minamoto, and the super intense trainer, Barry Goodman. 

Nothing much in the way of new info here, but we do get a look at a bunch of super pop, colorful, character interactions. I’m down with that.