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Doki Doki Kusoge deals in all things Japanese culture, be it video games, anime, music, or film. You can find the latest info translated from Japanese rags, reviews, previews, and other weird features. Despite its namesake (kusoge means shit game), DDK does not deal exclusively in garbage video games. Its founder just has a masochistic tendency to subject himself to them. No, it's not healthy. Elliot G. runs things here. A former Destructoid and Japanator contributor living in Japan, he likes to make himself suffer by playing the bad stuff so you don't have to.
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Uploaded a few videos from yesterday’s Splatoon stress test/demo. I die. I kill. I live. The game is great by the way.


Pokemon Center Osaka! More pictures and info at my blog


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Some sweet Fire Emblem illustrations from guest artists. Taken from the Memorial Book Akaneia Chronicle. If you like old school FE, it’s a must have.