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I think it’s fair to say that most people associate Aquaplus with fairly bright and colorful anime visuals. This new CM for Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen is anything but that. In fact, you’d be forgiven if you didn’t realize what this was advertising until the marked gentleman popped up.

Wonder what their angle is.

That’s right. This Friday’s Doki Doku Kusoge stream will once again be the notorious Gal*Gun. After last week’s stupidity, I wasn’t sure I could handle the real time translation while resisting losing my sanity, but here I am once again. I’m ready to finish the battle we started together.

Gal*Gun Stream of Stupid Part 3 starts at 8:00 pm JPN time on Friday. That’s Japan time, so make sure to check your timezones.

See you later, alligators.

After last week’s MaraP progress, we’ll be continuing with The Idolm@ster: One For All Stream of Doom, tonight at 8:00 pm Japan time. Be there, or be square. Or something.

Be lady. 

I’m lady.

D3’s upcoming open world slice of life pervert photography simulator, Natsuiro High School has had its release date revealed.

You too can take upskirt pictures of your classmates on June 5th of this year, on both PS4 and the PS3. Get caught by the police too many times and you’ll be forced to leave school!


Needless to say, this game is almost destined to get coverage on Doki Doki Kusoge by virtue of having an awful premise and generally looking like it’ll probably be a huge stinker.

Please be excited.

Three new characters were revealed for the upcoming Vita/PS3 game, Sword Art Online: Lost Song.

Seven, Rain, and Sumeragi join the rest of the cast. Seven’s actually a super smart Russian scientist person so that’s kind of cool I guess.

Go Russia!