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Brand new trailer for World of Final Fantasy (PS4/Vita).

The moment in which a Cactuar conductor appeared, I was forever sold on this game.

Instant. Purchase.

This looks adorable and fun and all sorts of neat, and I’m actually surprised by how excited I am to play this. 

Am I alone on this?

Remember at E3 when Square Enix announced Setsuna, a new game under their brand new label, Tokyo RPG Factory?

Well here are the results. Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna. 

It looks beautiful.

Early 2016, for the Vita and PS4.

This week’s Dengeki features a cover story on the new Atelier game, Atelier Sophie. Two new characters are introduced: Oscar and Monika. After Sophie makes some progress in her alchemy/gains more trust from the people around her, she gains a new outfit.

Plafta/Purafuta/the silver haired girl is actually an old book that takes the form of a young girl. You can customize her however you want using the “doll make” feature. 

Honestly, I really enjoyed the Dusk trilogy of games, but I can’t garner any sort of excitement for this. I think bringing in multiple character designers to make the cast has led to inconsistency across the designs. I also think your book/doll friend’s design is really unfitting for the series. Atelier has always had some measure of fanservice, but it’s mostly been tame/optional. This just seems woefully out of place.

Note that I’m not even against fanservice or anything like that. I just think this is tonally totally out of sync with Atelier.

I don’t know. It could still be great, but nothing I’m seeing here is particularly exciting. 

This week’s Famitsu featured a four page piece on SE’s upcoming PS4/Vita RPG, World of Final Fantasy. Here are some of the translated deets.

In the world of Grimoire, Ran and Ren can transform into Purimero form (they get super small and cute). When in this form, they can ride atop various different monsters. They’re also capable of transforming back into normal size, referred to by the citizens of Grimoire as Oobito (big people).

“Nose Nose” (pronounced no-seh) is a system used in battle in which three characters stack on top of one another, with the biggest of the three at the bottom and the smallest at the top. The stacking size determines the strength of some attacks or magic. For example, Ren alone might use Fire, but with two friends on top of him, he can use Firaga. Because the twins can change size at will, this opens up the possibility for a variety of battle combinations. 

All the monsters and summons in the world of Grimoire are referred to as Mirage. They have personalities and lives, which is supposedly going to be connected to the main story. 

There are two types of summons in World of Final Fantasy: Mega Mirage Summons and Saber Summons. The former lets you call upon huge, special Mirage beasts. The latter calls forth characters like the Warrior of Light or Cloud. 

I don’t know about you guys, but this sounds adorable and fun.

Koei Tecmo has released the first of a series of videos designed to introduce the world of Yoru no Nai Kuni, their new action RPG for the PS4/Vita.

This brief video shows off some more action, monsters, and a small smattering of cutscenes.

Please be good.

It’s a World of Final Fantasy trailer!

On the one hand, Square Enix putting the World of Final Fantasy trailer before VII RE’s was a genius troll move.

On the other hand, I feel super bad for World of Final Fantasy because it looks really really cute but had the unenviable position of being treated as a punching bag initially.

Still, check out the trailer. This video is adorable.

It’s the super spicy opening to the upcoming light gun-esque shooter, Gal Gun Double Peace!

It… looks like Gal Gun, which is to say it’s not particularly impressive and ultimately probably won’t be very good, but hey, here we are anyway. 

Stream announcement!

After taking a short break last week, the channel will be live again this weekend: twice in fact!

First up is Saturday at 8pm Japan time, the usual. We’re taking a break from Amagami, and streaming D3′s brand new open world PS4 game, Natsuiro High School. Having watched some streams of this photography/pervert/sexual harassment simulator in action, it looks like a hot pile of kusoge trash. Perfect for this website.

And perfect to make me want to throw myself out of a window.

Please be excited.

More Dissidia Final Fantasy stuff because why the hell not.

This time around it’s a comparison video showing off the arcade version running on custom PS4 hardware (the left) and the standard PS4 version that exists, on the right.

Yup. Looks cool. Still.

What do you guys think?

I think it’s fair to say that most people associate Aquaplus with fairly bright and colorful anime visuals. This new CM for Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen is anything but that. In fact, you’d be forgiven if you didn’t realize what this was advertising until the marked gentleman popped up.

Wonder what their angle is.