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From an interview in this week’s Famitsu, we have a handful of new details on the brand new Nier game that surfaces at Square Enix’s E3 conference. I translated the interview bits below.


Famitsu: Does this take place in the same world/universe as Nier?

Yoko Taro: It takes place in the same world as Nier, but in the future. If players start with this game, they should have no problems following the story. In fact, those who come into this expecting it to be a direct sequel might find themselves a bit lost.

Famitsu: Will characters from the last game appear?

Yoko Taro: Not everyone is going to pop up, but yes, some characters will be appearing. They won’t be in central roles though.

Famitsu: What’s going on with the CERO* rating?

Yoko Taro: We had made Nier with the intent of getting a B or C, but we ended up with a D. We’re developing this new game in the hopes of getting an A, but…

  • There will be a New Game + of some kind. It’ll be different from the last game.
  • Drakengard’s Weapon Story system is set to be in the game.
  • The development is currently 10% done.


*Cero is Japan’s rating system, similar to the ESRB. 

This E3 has brought with it a stunning amount of surprise announcements and reveals. As somebody who deals primarily in Japanese games, I don’t really expect much in the way of new announcements to be made during this week, at least not while Japan still has its own show in TGS.

But sometimes. Sometimes things just blindside you.

I think Yoko Taro is one of the most important game directors in the industry now. His games are often clunky messes (stares at every Drakengard game ever), and even his more polished stuff is still janky as hell. But behind that jankyness lies some of the best, most fascinating storytelling and character work in games today. Nier was an experience that I know affected many people, but the lack of financial success (a common thread with his work) meant that the likelihood of ever seeing Yoko Taro play in his world was slim to none. 

And then Drakengard 3 somehow happened. It was a technical mess, but I along with others loved it for its wild cast of characters, great score, and twisted narrative. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that this would be the last time we’d see either Drakengard or Nier.

Well, I guess Square Enix sees the worth in Taro’s twisted worlds, because Platinum Games is developing a new Nier game, with all the usual suspects on board (and Akihiko Yoshida). The trailer doesn’t say much, but it doesn’t really have to. Nier was experience like no other, and if this is even half as stunning, I’ll be pleased.