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The Tokyo Game Show Project X Zone 2 trailer looks a whole lot like Project X Zone!

What a shocker.

No new characters in this one. Carry along now.

Let’s be real for a moment

The original Project X Zone was not a great game. It might not have even been a good game. But dammit, it was worth playing just to see your favorite video game characters rendered in sprite mode.

I regret nothing.

And I probably won’t regret buying Project X Zone 2. Sega Sanshiro? The crew of Resonance of Fate? STAR GLADIATORS? Come on now.

Come on.

Like any good crossover game, Project X Zone 2 has a brand new, nearly 10 minute long trailer showing off all its insane sprite work.

The original game had plenty of issues with the tedious nature of the various missions and just how long the game was, but nobody can deny that it was worth checking out at least for the nutty sprites.

Hell, I didn’t get particularly far into the first game, and this trailer STILL manages to get me hyped. It’s hard not to when all your favorite characters from Bandai Namco, Sega, and Capcom properties are getting their beat down. 

Sigh. I’m going to end up buying this, aren’t I?