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Greetings, visitors, and welcome to yet another warm and fuzzy edition of Go West!, your weekly column about Japanese import games, companies going under, and saluting those we’ve lost in battle.

After what seems like an entire month of silence, the Japanese games industry is finally releasing new titles again. This week’s list is full of niche things, but I know that’s exactly the sort of stuff you folks enjoy. I’ll be picking up a few new games myself; one particularly for streaming purposes, the other because I owe it to the developers in question to play their final game.

With that out of the way, let’s get this party started!

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Shiren the Wanderer is pretty great, and it’s a shame the west never got anything after Shiren the Wanderer 3. I hear great things about 4 and 5.

Speaking of which, here’s a brand new trailer for Shiren the Wanderer 5+ on the Vita. New dungeons, widescreen, trophies, and free DLC dungeons that’ll be released after the game launches.

I can only hope that this goes west.