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This week’s Star Ocean 5 coverage courtesy of Famitsu. 

Lots of art by Akiman, and a bunch of different design sketches for fields/dungeons/towns. Regardless of how this game turns out, I’m happy to see that tri-Ace is still being given opportunities to work on big-ish projects after all these years.

I really hope this turns out well.

Well shit.

Looks like Square Enix’s teaser site will go on to reveal Star Ocean 5, according to a leak from this week’s Famitsu. The game will be on PS3/PS4, and we have a few other details to go along with that.

  • The full title is Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness.
  • Game is being developed by Tri-Ace, published by Square Enix.
  • Hiroshi Ogawa is directing.
  • Akiman (Old guard Capcom artist) is doing the character designs.
  • Takes place 6,000 light years from Earth on a wild planet called Feikleed (Bad at romanizing)
  • Kaito Ishikawa will voice the main character, Fidel Kamuze (I’m bad at romanizing names). Uses a sword, protects his village.
  • Nao Toyama will be voicing the heroine, Miki Sovesta (Again with the weird names). Fidel’s childhood friend. Thinks of him like an older brother.
  • There’s also another character named Lilia, a girl who has lost her memories and emotions. No casting there yet.
  • Battles are real time, seamless. Attacks change based on your distance from the enemy. Apparently allies can be captured etc in battle, affecting how cutscenes play out?

Will update with more details as they hit.

Well hey there. Looks like there’s a possibility that Tri-Ace could be remaking Star Ocean: Second Evolution for the Vita. The first remake for the PSP was co-developed by Tose and Square Enix, but Gamestalk speculates that Tri-Ace would be handling this version.

It’s being assumed that it’s not just a direct port since Tri-Ace is handling the project themselves, unlike the PSP ver. We’ll see.

Either way:


The site with the info in question also says that it’s a DL title, so at this point anything can happen.

EDIT: It’s 100% the case that some form of Star Ocean 2 is coming to Vita as a DL title, but it would appear that it’s not exactly confirmed that Tri-Ace is remaking it, so for the time being we’re going with a question mark!

Assorted Enami artwork that was done for Star Ocean 4. If only the characters actually resembled the Enami art, T_T.