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It’s time.

Tonight at 8 pm eastern time, we return to Natsuiro High School, the game that killed a man.

Ok, maybe it didn’t kill a man, but it certainly crushed his soul.

That man was me.


Come for the curiosity, stay for the pain, leave because the pain was actually too painful.

Howdy folks!

I know there were quite a few people wondering if I’d be archiving the Blood Drive translation stream, and the answer is yes.

Last night’s first episode went a whopping two hours and forty some odd minutes, so I cut it into 15-20 minute chunks and uploaded them to Youtube. Check them out above if you’re so inclined!

The rest will be going up as we keep playing and moving forward. And remember, we’ll be streaming again tonight at 8pm eastern time.




Now that things have settled down around the Doki Doki Kusoge offices, it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

That means that this summer’s Japanese horror game streams are back in full force. Huzzah!

We’ll be kicking it off with a translation stream of Corpse Party: Blood Drive, the direct sequel of the original Corpse Party which we streamed last summer. 

I’m planning on doing a full playthrough of the game, which will probably take a while, but it should be a fun time for everyone.

The festivities start this Tuesday (August 11th) at 8pm US eastern time, and will run through Friday, August 14th. Depending on how much progress we make, we’ll schedule more time in if necessary.

Remember, that’s 8pm US eastern time every night next week. Be there!

Tonight folks! Be there or be square!


After a month or so of streaming KimiKiss, it’s finally time for Doki Doki Dating to move into the big leagues.

That’s right, we’ll be streaming Amagami on the PS2, tonight at 8 pm Japan time! That’s Saturday night, May 23rd for those of you who get easily confused. I’ll be bumping this post when we’re about go live.

If you want to come check out a really great dating sim and listen to me translate everything live on air, come hang out!


That’s right. This Friday night, 8 pm Japan time, I’ll be resuming my playthrough of KimiKiss, the PS2 dating sim by the same folks behind Amagami. Last week was a great time, and if you can make it, I’d love to see your beautiful faces in the chat!

Be there! <3

Here we go folks.

It’s a bit late, but tonight at 8 pm Japan time, I’ll be streaming KimiKiss, the PS2 dating sim that Amagami is sort of a sequel to but not really. I loved the latter, and I’ve always been interested in trying out the former, especially after doing the Doki Doki Dating series (Love Plus coming soon, promise).

Come hang out with us later tonight!


Hey everyone.

We’re gonna be changing gears with tonight’s stream, returning to the roots of our twitch channel: 2D rpg maker horror games from Asia.

Those of you who have been with me for the last few years know that that’s what I primarily used to stream on the channel, so I figured it’s about time to get back to that.


Tomorrow night at 8 pm Japan time, we’ll be playing .flow, a Yume Nikki fan game. 

I know close to nothing about .flow, but I have played a cleared Yume Nikki, so I’m excited to give this a spin.

Come join us for extra fun times! I’ll be bumping this post as the time draws closer.


That’s right. This Friday’s Doki Doku Kusoge stream will once again be the notorious Gal*Gun. After last week’s stupidity, I wasn’t sure I could handle the real time translation while resisting losing my sanity, but here I am once again. I’m ready to finish the battle we started together.

Gal*Gun Stream of Stupid Part 3 starts at 8:00 pm JPN time on Friday. That’s Japan time, so make sure to check your timezones.

See you later, alligators.

For this week’s Friday night stream, I’ll be tackling the infamous Gal*Gun, created by the good folk at Inti Creates.

I’ve never played it before, but my sister happened to own a copy so I grabbed it off of her.

It’s going to be really stupid. Like, really really stupid.

So come hang out with us this Friday night at 8:00 pm Japan time! Make sure to check your local times to know exactly when that might be!

Hope to see you all there. <3

After last week’s MaraP progress, we’ll be continuing with The Idolm@ster: One For All Stream of Doom, tonight at 8:00 pm Japan time. Be there, or be square. Or something.

Be lady. 

I’m lady.