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New Tokyo Xanadu information courtesy of Falcom!

This time we’re introduced to one of the playable characters, Sora Ikushima. She’s a first year high school student and a member of the karate club. She has a serious personality, and is a boarding student. In battle, she uses various karate techniques to take down enemies.



Speaking of Falcom’s Tokyo Xanadu…

A free Vita theme for the upcoming game has hit the Japanese side of the PSN, so if you have an account over there and wanna get in on the stylish hot sauce, now’s the time.

Oh look, new direct feed screenshots of Falcom’s upcoming Vita release, Tokyo Xanadu.

Oh hey, they look pretty great. 

To be honest, this doesn’t look much like Xanadu, but I’m willing to reserve judgement until we know more. This could have easily been a new IP, but they chose to attach the Xanadu name to it, and I wanna know why.

Either way though, it’ll probably be rad as hell.

[via NeoGAF]

Well that clears up things then. 

Falcom’s newest game in its classic Xanadu series, Tokyo Xanadu, will be hitting Vita sometime in the near-ish future. We still know decidedly little about the project save that it takes place in present day sorta maybe, but hey, more Xanadu and Falcom goodness on my Vita is enough reason to get hyped.

More deets as they hit.