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Greetings, gentlemen and gentlewomen, and welcome to another episode of Go West!, your weekly column about new Japanese game releases, boob ninjas, Batman, quests for dragons, demon lords, and a whole lot of regret.

This week is huge.

No, seriously. This is by far the biggest week of new releases we’ve seen in quite some time. There are lots of noteworthy games spread across most of the major platforms, and even a handful of small stuff that I know folks following this site might enjoy.

I have my work cut out for me.

Before anybody asks, no. I won’t be talking about Bloodborne (which I can’t wait for) here. In case this wasn’t clear when I brought GW! back from the dead, this column was designed with Japan-only (limited time or forever) releases.

With that out of the way, let’s get this rock and roll party on the road!

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The release period for the Extreme-developed Langrisser Re:Incarnation Tensei has been revealed. You can expected to see the series revival hit store shelves some time in July.

You’ve also probably noticed that it now has a proper name too. Re:Incarnation Tensei is hilariously redundant, considering Tensei means reincarnation in English. Whoops.

A CE has also been announced for the game, featuring the following:

  1. Rosaria and Licorice figures
  2. A 2 CD soundtrack set featuring music from Langrisser 1&2, as well as Der Langrisser and others.
  3. A 60 page production book featuring art from the various character designers associated with the series, some of it never before published.

The standard version of the game will run you 5,537 yen, with the CE costing you a weighty 9,241 yen.


Pages from Dengeki’s coverage of Neptunia V-II, introducing the various little sisters and their goddess forms. 

There’s also gonna be a Spelunker world in the game. \o/


The Japanese dating sim doesn’t see nearly as many new releases these days as it once did. I don’t know whether Love Plus ended up poisoning the well with its nonstop rehashing of content, but the truth remains that post-Amagami, and subsequently New Love Plus, the well appeared to dried up.

Enter Photo Kano for the PSP (and later Vita).

Initially released in February of 2012, Photo Kano was published by Kadokawa Games and developed by Dingo and Enterbrain. It was positioned as a spiritual follow-up to Amagami, which becomes increasingly clear the moment one takes a look at the moment to moment gameplay. A new version of the conversation system, no stats, choosing which event to view during which period: at first glance, it seems like another winning formula.

The twist? None of the core staff that worked on Amagami (or KimiKiss) had anything to do with Photo Kano.

Uh oh.

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