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Doki Doki Kusoge deals in all things Japanese culture, be it video games, anime, music, or film. You can find the latest info translated from Japanese rags, reviews, previews, and other weird features. Despite its namesake (kusoge means shit game), DDK does not deal exclusively in garbage video games. Its founder just has a masochistic tendency to subject himself to them. No, it's not healthy. Elliot G. runs things here. A former Destructoid and Japanator contributor living in Japan, he likes to make himself suffer by playing the bad stuff so you don't have to.
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Welcome back, lovely men and women, to yet another delightful edition of Go West. This week, the big one. From the makers of that one game with a small animal that got crucified, or that other game with Jesus and robots, or that other game with the weird faces, comes another game about weird faces and giant robots.

I know you’re excited. I am too.

There’s a handful of other stuff releasing this week, including a new 3DS game that’ll probably sell a million or so copies, and a bunch of Vita stuff.

Come explore the future (past?) with me!

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Salutations, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to yet another riveting episode of Go West!, your weekly column about Japanese video games, defending the Earth, robots, and sweeping vistas.

While the lineup of game releases for this week isn’t nearly as packed as last week’s, there are a handful of super big new titles hitting store shelves.

Not the least of which is Yuji Naka’s long-in-the-making Rodea The Sky Soldier.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

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Oh hey, a new official video popped up on Nintendo’s Youtube account for Xenoblade on the 3DS. 

I remain impressed by how well they seemingly adapted that massive game for the small system, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it again. The size of Xenoblade makes it perfect for a handheld in a lot of ways.