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Salutations, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another rip roaring edition of Go West!, your [maybe] favorite column about Japanese import game releases. 

Much to everybody’s collective relief, some games actually came out this week, and they’re pretty rad. We have a creepy, timely, horror game from the folks at NIS, a remake of Monster Hunter’s biggest rival, and a few visual novels that may or may not be your thing.

Anyhow, with the formalities out of the way, let’s get this roller derby started.

Ok, this isn’t a roller derby. That’s a lie. My bad.

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NIS’ Vita horror game, Yomawari, hits store shelves next week. Needless to say, I’ll be there day 0.

We’ve gotten a handful of trailers for the game, but the latest Dengeki video shows off the opening 18 or so minutes, and it’s a doozy. Keep in mind this contains heavy spoilers for the opening.

It’s also dark as fuck.

But man does this look neat. I’m in the mood for a weird survival horror game, and Yomawari seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

Oh hey, a new trailer for NIS’ upcoming Vita horror game, Yomawari. This is our first good look at the game in motion, and dear god is it creepy as hell.

As you all already know, Yomawari is about a little girl who leaves her house at night in search of her lost dog, and her big sister. Lots of super messed up monsters want to kill the ever loving crap out of her, so she must navigate the seamless city map in order to make her way to safety. She lacks any weapons, so it’s up to distractions and just good ole’ fashioned running to prevent her from experiencing dead time.

This coming out near Halloween couldn’t be any more perfect. I can’t wait to get some hands on time with this.

NIS has released a brand new trailer for its upcoming Vita horror game, Yomawari. For those who have forgotten, that’s the one where you play as a little girl searching for her big sister and her dog in town, surrounded by monsters and ghosts and all kinda of awfulness.

I want this so bad.

Yomawari, NIS’ brand new Vita horror game about a little girl who goes out at night to find her dog poro and her big sister. You can pick up various things while exploring the town, like ten yen coins, a scoop, and some rocks. There are more main areas than just the town, but those will be revealed at a later date.

There are creatures who lurk around at night and will pursue the little girl. Underneath streetlights, you’ll find strange human-sized shadow creatures. Child ghosts also roam the area, and these resemble scribbles by children. There are also giant creatures that take up entire roads, chasing the girl with their spider-like legs.

When the little girl encounters what of these dangerous beings, she becomes unable to move. This is represented by the Heart Sound System. When the girl is close to danger, her heart rate will increase, and the screen will start to distort. The worse it gets, the more debilitating effects there will be on the girl’s movement. 

When you can’t hide or outrun an enemy, turn to your on-hand items for clues. For example using stones to distract them, etc. 

I’m really liking the sound of this. I was left a bit cold on Hotaru no Nikki do to the frustrating nature of so many of its puzzles, but Yomawari is shaping up to be a really interesting horror game with a wonderful sense of atmosphere.

Count me in.