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Come one, come all, and welcome to another riveting edition of Go West!, your [semi]-weekly column about the latest Japanese game releases of the week. There are games out this week. Imagine that: games!

I know, this might be hard to wrap your mind around, but we’re finally seeing a string of semi-notable new titles this time, which means we actually have stuff to talk about. 

Or get angry about.

I’m not really sure anymore.

Let’s get this show on the road!

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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to your favorite [almost] weekly column about new Japanese video game releases over in Japan. Despite us nearly entering the holiday season, Game releases have slowed down momentarily, leaving us with what could only be described as scraps.

Still, games are games, and so here I am, writing about Compile Heart and FuRyu’s latest offerings.

There’s gotta be some joke inside of all of this. 

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The opening to Spike Chunsoft’s upcoming not-Grand-Knights-History game, Grand Kingdom. Nothing particularly special here, just some rad music and sprites moving about.

The Lite version of the game will hit on the 12th, giving us all some time with the game before it actually launches.


Salutations, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another rip roaring edition of Go West!, your [maybe] favorite column about Japanese import game releases. 

Much to everybody’s collective relief, some games actually came out this week, and they’re pretty rad. We have a creepy, timely, horror game from the folks at NIS, a remake of Monster Hunter’s biggest rival, and a few visual novels that may or may not be your thing.

Anyhow, with the formalities out of the way, let’s get this roller derby started.

Ok, this isn’t a roller derby. That’s a lie. My bad.

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Hey lookie! A brand new trailer for Dissidia: Final Fantasy, the arcade game launching on November 26th.

Lots of fresh gameplay footage here of all the characters currently in the game (one representative from each numbered game sans XV). We already know that roster is going to get larger in due time, but for now, this is sufficiently hype. 

Can’t wait to eventually get my grubby hands on this.


Hey there buttercups, and welcome to another episode of Go West!, your not-quite-weekly column about new Japanese video game releases. I’m hoping that if I keep using out-of-fashion words to describe you all, eventually it’ll catch on. It probably won’t.

This week brings with it… not a whole actually. That said, it’s not a completely empty schedule. We have an unlikely sequel and another game in that one franchise that keeps getting new games. Not exactly drowning in riches, but hey, you take what you can get.

Tally ho!

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Marvelous’ new Vita brawler by the producer of Senran Kagura, Kenichiro Takaki. 

It’s super over the top, let’s you use objects in the environment (including helicopters) to beat the living hell out of other dudes.

I was super hyped about this, until the whole Heat Up system came up where you bury your face into high school girl’s chests to power up. Considering this is a takaki jam, I shouldn’t be surprised, but here I am. 

For those wondering, this is being handled by the Kenka Bancho team, so it’ll definitely be fun in the very least.


Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the latest and greatest and most fabulous edition of Go West!, your [formerly] weekly column about the latest Japanese game releases. 

Long time no see, everybody. Episode fourteen of Go West! was published on July 8th. It’s the end of September. 


A lot of things happened since then: I moved across the world, got settled in, and then games stopped getting released for a bit. Imagine that. But Go West! is back, and with the Japanese release schedule ready to heat up again, we won’t be going anywhere.

Let’s do this thang.

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Famitsu’s coverage of To Love Ru Darkness for the Vita.

There’s something hilarious to me about FuRyu developing these anime games, and doing their best to make them devoid of actual content. I’m sure this has slipped by a great number of people, but almost every anime-game not Bandai Namco in recent months has been a FuRyu joint, a most often a menu driven exercise in tedium.

Bad, FuRyu, bad!

At this point, I actually place FuRyu far below Imageepoch ever was, because as bad as IE’s games could get, there was at least a guiding ambitiousness behind them, naive as it was. Every weird game IE put to shelf was meant to be the next big success for them. I’m not sure FuRyu even knows what that kind of ambition looks like.

And so here we are, with another FuRyu piece of nothing.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.

Vanillaware x Atlus.


Beautiful things.

Get hype.